Time For Something New

Today, companies are expected to be available 24/7, by one means or another. Mobile device ownership has led to increased volumes of business being carried out over the internet. Social media plays an ever more important role in brand recognition and transmitting information about goods and services. We are still reliant on the principle of the telephone for communication, but how we use it is changing dramatically.

Most businesses start off small and then evolve through a series of milestones, from marketing new products or services to developing a loyal customer base; from employing more staff to moving to new offices and so on. Underpinning the success of all of these steps is communication.

You may be starting to realise that your current business phone systems, which have served you well in the past, are no longer up to the job. If you are being hampered rather than helped by your phone systems, then it’s time to start investing in the future.

This is the point at which LASCOM comes in. We provide high quality business solutions to large, medium and small business concerns. As a wholly independent company, we will evaluate your requirements honestly and objectively. By taking the time from the outset to get to know your company, we are able to develop pragmatic, dependable recommendations on how best to improve your ability to manage your telecoms effectively and respond quickly to customers.

As a growing business ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping sight of the key issues: we look for the most cost-effective solutions which have the potential to evolve as your company does. We provide business telephone systems that will reward you with ongoing cost savings, while allowing you room to grow, in order to cope with future business demands.

This involves consideration of both tried and tested solutions and the latest technologies – which aren’t, of course, mutually exclusive these days. The kinds of areas in which we have helped businesses like yours include:



While fewer companies rely on landlines nowadays, we recognise there’s still a demand, especially from small businesses. From installation of a single phone to a large-scale office move, we can identify and implement the best solution in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness.



We all seem to expect faster, bigger and better. Are you paying too much for your broadband? Is it as fast and as reliable as you need or could wish for? We can help secure you a better deal, in all respects.


IP telephony

Businesses are increasingly aware of the benefits of VoIP, even if not everyone yet understands how it works. Get straightforward, no-nonsense advice and support as you switch to full PC/ phone system integration, not only increasing reliability but also saving money.


No matter what your business is looking for and no matter what stage of development you are at, we aim to build the ideal solution, tailoring it around your unique requirements. Our high quality business solutions are future-proof, so they will evolve with you.

Naturally, we will be there to support you through the transition. We also guarantee to be there for your company thereafter, providing expert guidance and support whenever you need it. We’ve found that 90% of issues can be resolved remotely; but even if you need on-site work, an engineer will be there to get you back in business in no time at all.


Whether you’re relocating, have been let down by a previous supplier or are taking the first step towards your first, full business telecommunications strategy, we’d be delighted to help. Contact the LASCOM team today on 0870 890 1156 or email sales@lascom.co.uk.



Approved Business Phone Suppliers


Avaya 9461 Digital Handset

  LASCOM is an approved supplier for the following manufacturers:

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Whatever your business communications needs, LASCOM can provide you with a telephone system that can be matched to your company and ‘future proof’ allowing for any growth. We can provide you with safe, tried and tested solutions – and we can step out of the box and design a unique solution to meet the current and anticipated demands of your business.

Contact the LASCOM team today on 0870 890 1156 or email sales@lascom.co.uk.