MiCall+ is a hosted phone system combining all the functionality of a traditional PBX with all the benefits of a cloud based solution.

The system uses IP handsets to register to the cloud based phone system, allowing you to use all the standard features associated with an on premises system while providing a whole suite of products to improve productivity. For example, Outlook and CRM integration allow Click2Dial and screen popping, while Mobile Office, our softphone solution, allows a remote worker to be part of the phone system using their PC or smartphone device.

What could MiCall+ do for my business?

Interested? Talk to your customer account manager about how MiCall+ can deliver advanced call handling features to improve efficiency and service to your customers.

MiCall+ Basic Basic functionality; make and receive calls, transfer and hold. This is ideal if you are a fixed office worker who doesn’t need voicemail, require minimal functionality and don’t need to control any features.

MiCall+ Advanced All of the MiCall+ Basic features, plus voicemail with email notifications and the toolbar feature for call control through Outlook or web browsers. This pack would suit an office worker who is regularly away from their desk so needs to be able to control call features and have access to voicemail.

MiCall+ Mobility All of the Basic and Advanced features, plus Mobile Office for smartphones, shared call appearance for one number on multiple devices and eFax. A Mobility licence would be perfect for a mobile office worker who travels a lot, relying on their smartphone and wanting to make and receive calls on their hosted number.

Additional features Toolbar The toolbar feature lets you manage incoming and outgoing calls, maintain up-to-date connection information and configure telephone settings with the click of a mouse. The feature is integrated into Outlook, Internet Explorer or Firefox and provides full access to the MiCall+ service and call management features.

CommsPilot Express (mobility client) Allows you to manage your personal services using four configurable profiles even when off-site, via a phone or the web. These profiles control incoming calls automatically and calls are managed based on a predefined schedule that you create the first time you log in.

Product overview

Hunt group: This feature allows all of the users within a group to be included in a specified sub-group to handle incoming calls received by an assigned hunt group phone number. Group administrators can choose from any of the ‘hunt’ schemes, each of which rings the specified phones in a different manner. Call patterns can be set to circular, regular, simultaneous or uniform.

Auto attendant: Lets you route calls based on options selected by the caller (i.e. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts...”). The first auto attendant licence is free of charge. Mobile Office (with Mobility licence only) Mobile Office is a softphone application that allows you to manage calls using a Windows desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android phone. (Please note that this feature is not compatible with Android tablets.)

Call recording: Used for inbound and outbound call recording, recording suppression for PCI compliance, webbased portal for retrieval, playback and additional call stats.

Reception console: A desktop client to view user availability including all basic telephony functionality. Available in Small Business edition for up to 30 users and Enterprise edition for up to 250 users.

Call centre ACD: A basic call distributor providing call queuing, customisable comfort messages and the option to break out to an operator or voicemail. Wallboards (requires call centre ACD) A group-level feature that allows you to monitor and display real-time and historical statistics on the performance of call centres and agents. The feature is customisable and lets you define what statistics you would like to view from a web browser, meaning that no applications need to be installed on local devices.