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High-spec features, competitive prices, what more would you expect when two of the largest communications technology companies unite forces. Ericcson LG is a new addition to our portfolio and the result of that collaboration – iPECS – is a great addition to the sub-50 market.

The Ericsson-LG iPECS platform provides enterprises of all sizes with the competitive edge – value for money products and innovative applications make this a cutting edge service. This offering by Ericsson-LG is truly integrated – bringing end-to-end voice and data solutions along with an exciting applications layer.

The Ericsson-LG portfolio brings together innovative communication technologies under the iPECS range including voice platforms:




Full of features and with an imposing range and variety of applications, Ericsson-LG iPECS is a SIP-ready IP PBX that scales from 5 - 1200 ports. Felxible architecture and the ability to survive remotely, Ericsson-LG iPECS is a pure IP platform. It comes fully licensed out of the box.






The LIP 8000 series provides for the individual needs of each user. It comes with six phone models and four types of DSS Consoles, meaning no matter what the requirement of the user, there is a solution that can be tailored to his or her needs.

Whether you choose the LIP-8000E basic phone or the LIP-8050E high-end executive phone, the experience of the user is at the heart of the  LIP-8000E terminals. These systems are simple to use but rich in features. For example, the Gigabit LAN connection makes the phone an excellent choice for a range of businesses, no matter how complex or basic the needs. One button operations and user friendly features make this highly suitable for busy professional workers who do not want to spend long learning how work their way around a communications system. The full duplex HD quality speakerphone in most models let users converse handsfree, assured of the highest quality through advanced VoIP technology.

Making things even simpler, the LIP-8000 terminals can connect anywhere there is Gigabit LAN connection on 8012, 8024 and 8040E, 8050E handsets. It also supports the IEEE 802.11af Power-over-Ethernet standard so a separate power connection is not required.





Stylish, high-end and functional, the iPECS Act 50 is a must-have SIP conference phone which has been developed through a collaboration between Yamaha and Ericsson-LG. As you would expect, the full duplex speakerphone system delivers the highest standards of audio conferencing with the looks and style to match.





Budgetary constraints, complex IT solutions, limited resources are all challenges facing small-to-medium sized companies in the UK today. They also operate in the same world as larger enterprises. With this in mind, the iPECS Ethernet Switch families are designed to be simple to install, smart to manage, highly reliable and affordable. They demand less investment both at point of installation and as the company grows. The iPECS Ethernet Switch solutions are the perfect answer to today’s business challenges.






ES-2000/2000G Advanced Smart switches are perfect for SMBs looking for balanced solutions between advanced switching features and affordability.




If you are after seamless connectivity with your customers and colleagues, but without the hassle of a complete system overhaul, then Ericsson-LG’s UC is the platform for you. It is a server-based application which provides a single point of communication customised for the SME environment. Businesses are becoming more demanding on multimedia communications and seamless connections. Server based directory and presence database push required information so that companies can optimise their communications by setting Individual Call Routing table through GUI.

Among the features the UC offers are: application sharing, multi-party video and audio conference and integration with your existing third party applications. The UC enables the use of more integrated features without changing any of your old modes of operation. UC integrates Outlook scheduler and 3rd party DB integration such as Outlook, ACT!, Goldmine and MS Excel forms.

iPECS UCS 3.0 is a fully featured UC solution:




iPECS IP Call Recording(IPCR) is a call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with iPECS Call Servers optimized for small and medium sized offices and contact centers. IPCR is designed as a simple and cost effective solution, while it delivers powerful value added features.

For small or large businesses alike, iPECS IPCR can meet the needs of robust call recording to ensure regulatory compliance and quality management. Since implementing IT functionality within a limited budget can be a major concern for smaller business, IPCR delivers an all-in-one cost effective system on a single standard server. It offers low total cost of ownership as it can be deployed quickly and easily, maintained either locally or from a remote data center, and supports all type of terminals registered with iPECS-LIK.

You can easily access recording files over an IE 7 web browser. Intuitive Graphic display such as Icon view on agent status and graphs on system related performance are provided as well as real time graphic views of various statistics with many search options.




SMEs need to know that they can rely on their systems – be it rapid response to alarms, remote access to data or monitoring staff efficiency. The iPECS NMS is a powerful web-based network management tool designed specifically for the small- to medium-sized businesses to operate efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fault management and real time systems monitoring
Dealing with problems before they are noticed by users is a feature of the iPECS NMS system that will resonate with system managers. iPECS NMS monitors registered systems in real-time to deliver fault and alarm event statistics. The NMS Server generates automatic e-mail alerts of fault and alarm defined as critical by the system manager. Crucially, while on-line, NMS Server can be configured to notify the NMS web client while the manager works on other PC tasks. This allows managers to identify critical issues with monitored systems, implementing corrective measures before the faults become service affecting or even noticed by users.

Inventory management
Imagine having all documents and lists in one, easy-to-access place. This is what iPECS NMS offers. The system monitors and maintains a list of the resources and components for all registered systems, including the call server, each gateway, terminals and even soft-phones as well as software associated with each system and component. Reports in the form of an Excel file can be generated by the system manager for analysis and inventory accounting within the company.

Web based client access
Keeping it simple is a priority for a busy manager. iPECS NMS employs a web-based design for access to management tools and reports. Clients require no special software, they can simply use their browser. through iPECS NMS, managers have full access to NMS services so they can monitor and maintain registered systems, components and applications from anywhere there is IP access.

Traffic statistics
To manage a communication system, a manager must have a clear picture of all the component parts and system resource usage. iPECS NMS monitors registered systems to deliver detailed traffic statistics covering use of the various components and resources of the system. Managers can then analyse the traffic data to determine under and over usage of resources as well as usage trend and adjust system configurations to address any issues. In addition, iPECS NMS provides detailed and summary data for call accounting and cost allocation.

Remote maintenance
The dreaded note on your computer screen that an upgrade is needed sends your heart plummeting. While simple, these are often time-consuming affairs. With iPECS NMS the repetitive process of upgrading software is reduced to just a few clicks of your mouse, ensuring accurate, efficient and complete upgrades to multiple iPECS systems and components.

Easy installation and maintenance
Installation and maintenance are two main concerns of any system manager. Ease of use and non time consuming are the two key criteria. The iPECS NMS application is designed to easily install in a Windows environment. Following the straight-forward install shield instructions, the system manager can quickly complete installation. An intuitive GUI permits the manager to register up to 500 iPECS systems to a single iPECS NMS Server. Registering the monitored systems are also managed by easy-to-use GUI. It is recommended that the maximum capacity is 500 systems. System managers can access the monitoring system whenever they want to, from wherever they are. Just by opening Internet Explorer on any networked PC, system managers can take full control of monitored systems.

iPECS NMS offers a web based network management solution offering:




The range of products from iPECS Phontage offer you a comprehensive range of communications options to ensure that you are at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to running your business productively. Phontage SoftPhone is the essential communication assistant for your business. Its clever technology turns your PC or laptop computer into a complete IP terminal with convenient additional features. It provides the same IP Keyset operations and features as LIP-24DH with complete keypad compatibility. And, its additional features such as Phone Book, Call Log, Scheduled Dial, SMS and other interesting features will all help you keep track of your communications, contacts and business operations. For even more powerful multi-media communications, try VideoPhone. This video communication feature allows you to conduct three-way video conference with your business partners. The Application Sharing feature makes it possible to share business presentation software during the conference and any participant may edit the shared document from remote location. Voice and Video Recording are also useful features if you want to store your voice/video conferences into your local PC for later recall and reference.






The Ericsson-LG iPECS Attendant puts power in the hands of the user by giving clear information that can drive good decision making. The Ericsson-LG iPECS Attendant is a powerful PC-based attendant console, designed to enhance call handling and control functions of the user, through intuitive drag and drop actions. It also allows the user to manage the directory with ease of use and graphical user's interface.

Each incoming call is a potential customer and it is important how the call is dealt with. The iPECS Attendant enhances handling these valuable inbound calls by keeping the receptionist informed as to the status of the call and the whereabouts of all users. With the iPECS Attendant software, the receptionist can route calls with the click of a mouse, or drag and drop without switching PC and phone. The monitoring window shows the status of all users through cleverly designed graphical icons, so the receptionist knows who is available to take calls. Real-time presence lets the attendant take alternate action, such as sending the call to voice mail, sending a text message or just clicking the station icon to transfer.

The iPECS Attendant has an embedded soft phone that enables various call features without additional hardware, such as a desktop phone. Using simple and flexible configurations, your attendant can be fully productive with or without a hard phone, thus reducing the total cost of ownership of the system without jeopardising call quality.

The iPECS Attendant links with local and corporate workforce information for quick access to contact phone numbers. The operator can easily add, modify and delete the information as well as import and export external data from and to the directory.

Easy User Interface

Simple Directory and Database Management

Flexible Call Handling

More productivity enhancements




As a busy professional you want instant access to relevant information, but at the lowest costs possible. High rates on mobile phone usage are often prohibitive for small businesses, so you are looking for a cheaper, but equally effective solution.

These two challenges – instant access and affordable service – are provided by the Ericsson-LG iPECS Communicator. The very nature of business today means that you could have information stored on your PC, your mobile divide or your desk phone. What you need is the seamless integration offered by the Ericsson-LG iPECS Communicator. This brings all the features and functionality from your iPECS desk phone into the palm of your hand on your smartphone. iPECS Communicator is designed for both iOS and Android platform and integrates your mobile devices seamlessly into your iPECS telephony infrastructure.

Ericsson-LG iPECS Communicator reduces costs by shifting calls from cellular to Wi-Fi networks.

The Ericsson-LG iPECS Communicator extends the power of a desk phone and unified communications to existing mobile devices by utilising the Wi-Fi or cellular network. This allows flexible communication from any location – whether you are in the office, at home or within a hotspot..

This proves cost effective for businesses as it allows mobile users to use less "minutes" and reduce their subscription costs by shifting more cellular minutes to Wi-Fi minutes.