LASCOM can assist you when you are expanding, or moving office completely.
Furthermore, we can ensure that your communications system remains open during the move.

An office move or expansion is not a decision that is taken lightly, as it involves a lot of management time, planning and investment. If you are in the process of making such a decision, you may require the assistance of a business telecoms expert. An office move can also provide a very good opportunity to upgrade your telecommunications systems.

Should you be seeking professional independent advice on your current business phone system and what is now available, please contact us for an audit and a quotation. However, we can assist you with your move, whether you keep your existing phone system or consider a replacement phone system. Take a look at our guide to moving office seamlessly:


New Phone System Training

LASCOM can arrive at your existing office in good time before the scheduled move. If you have decided to invest in a new phone system, we will arrange training for staff in its use, capabilities and management. This will help to ensure that when you move to your new office, it will cause minimal hindrance to business.


Seamless Installation and Testing

Once access to the new office is available, we will get on and install the new telecommunication system, testing it all, so it is ready to switch to live on the move date. Straight after the move has been completed, and the old office is closed, LASCOM will implement a telecoms patch to make sure that all calls and telecommunication systems are going to the right people in your business and that everything is functioning seamlessly.


LASCOM Dedicated Assistance

Whether you are investing in a new business phone system or keeping the existing system, you will have the dedicated assistance of a LASCOM engineer guiding you through each step, so that you can readily focus on the other bits of the business move that need addressing, and more importantly, focus on getting on with the growth and success of your company.


If you have any further questions about moving office then contact us at