Benefits of Remote Working

The numerous benefits offered by remote working are recognised by more and more companies. For some roles and industries, it has already become 'the norm'. Employers understand that flexible and remote working methods can attract and retain good people. Staff can also be managed more efficiently. Businesses are especially benefiting from contented staff, enjoying a better work life balance and in return, increased productivity.

For a number of years, firms have encouraged a ‘hot-desk’ approach for remote working staff. This keeps the number of desks to a practical minimum, and in turn lowers overheads on office rents.
Good Internet Connection Required

In order to enjoy these benefits, mobile workers will simply require a good reliable internet connection at home (or at whichever hub they base themselves). Maximising cloud applications and mobility features on a telephone system allows remote working to become a real solution and opportunity for many companies of all sizes.

Even our entry level business telephone systems can redirect a member of staff’s direct number to ring at their home or on their mobile; customers are simply none the wiser as to whether they are speaking to someone in the office , at home or whilst travelling.


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