Vodafone and O2 Approved Service Provider

LASCOM is an approved service provider for Vodafone and O2 mobile solutions and packages for businesses. We are proud to be able to compliment your communications platform with competitive business packages from the two best mobile networks for voice and data, in the UK and across the globe.

The ability to communicate on the move is a business requisite, making mobile phones an integral part of your communications platform. Mobile communications can amount to around 70% of total communications expenditure, so you need to ensure your solution is the right one for your business.

Our dedicated mobiles for business team at LASCOM can assist you when choosing handsets and tariffs and we will integrate them with your existing and emerging technology platforms.

There are a number of considerations you may wish to take into account when looking at your business mobile services. These include the number of phones that need to be managed, as well as security, insurance and support.

LASCOM can compile an unbiased audit of your current mobile services. We will review your infrastructure, cost and usage and offer recommendations on the services you could be using.

Switching your business mobile solution to LASCOM is seamless - there's no need to change your mobile numbers and our team will quietly and efficiently manage the whole process on your behalf.


Further benefits as a LASCOM business mobile customer you will receive:


Business mobile phone audit

Would you like an independent audit to assess your business mobile phone usage? We have helped many of our customers save up to 25% on their overall communications spend simply by adapting their business mobile package. We encourage you to ensure that your solution is the right one for your business, making sure that you're not paying too much for services you simply aren’t using.

Each Network Operator has its own tariffs, service levels and terms. In our experience these are constantly changing. We will present to you the various options on offer, so that you can choose and fully understand the content of your business mobile package. We will also periodically review your package to check that you are receiving the best value for money and you are equipped with the best phones offered by the provider.

When you contact us, we will typically have a short telephone interview or arrange a meeting with you, whichever you prefer. It is helpful if we can see copies of your phone bills for the last 3-4 months.

The first thing we will check for you is the amount of usage against the tariff you're on. For example if you are going over your agreed allowance, or you are significantly under using it and whether you can merge services or add new ones.

We won’t simply make recommendations on cost alone but will also take into account important factors such as contract flexibility and network resilience. You can rely on us for high performing service levels and proven customer satisfaction.


Call the helpful and knowledgeable team at LASCOM today on 0870 890 1156 to request a business mobile phone audit to review your voice and data costs. Alternatively, you can email sales@lascom.co.uk and we will get back to you promptly.