What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is an alternative hosting option for your information storage.

The Cloud offers many benefits, as opposed to purchasing and managing servers and hosting your information in your office. It is facilitated by off-site computer servers placed in large, secure data centres. Some of these benefits to your business information and communications include:



The Cloud: Pay as you Go Payment Plans

Initially, the Cloud was expensive and only used by large global businesses; however economies of scale and advanced software technology now allows the likes of Microsoft to adapt their initial elite model to 'licenses per user' options, and more recently to 'per-person, per-month’ Pay as You Go payment plans.

Such plans offer many benefits including flexibility and security. For a start, there is no longer a requirement to build or maintain a computer network in your office, which would always carry the risk of server failure leading to data loss. You can simply buy user space in the Cloud on a monthly basis. Now, both large and small business can benefit from having all of their IT in one location accessed on any device from anywhere. The only requirement is an Internet connection.


The team at LASCOM can provide your business with high speed Internet and system integration to ensure your Cloud experience is not delayed in any way and that you and your employees can keep working, anywhere. Contact us on 0870 890 1156 or email sales@lascom.co.uk