Cabling is the most important part of your core business infrastructure, before an investment inexpensive routeing or computer networking, you need to make sure the site is cabled correctly and to the highest standard.With the expansion of wireless technology, many new types of devices can now be added to a network; Smart phones, tablets, and iPads are some examples, and while they are wireless, even these need to be made live on the system through cabling. Our team integrate telephones, computers and new technology all through a wire, fibre optic or wireless and in any combination of devices.

Our cabling and networking extends to include; setting up secure access from computers and mobile devices in your office to computers and mobile devices in multiple locations. Whether it is connecting; two or more fixed offices, a fixed office to mobile points, people on the move, networking to the next door building, the next town, around the globe or even the beach!

These private networks are called Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and can link fixed telephone systems or over-the- internet calls (VoIP), to and from mobile devices such as iPads or smart phones. If devices can communicate via voice or data then LASCOM can connect them between any two points, fixed or mobile to suit your company's budget and specification.

Every installation needs some form of cabling, therefore we cable for virtually every customer we have. We have recently completed some very large cabling contracts for customers including the MOD, the Travel Corporation, and many high street outlets and businesses.