Uninterrupted Power Supply

An Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS is a device that sits between a power supply, the wall socket and your device, the phone or computer system, and will prevent unexpected changes in the power supply. These could be a power cut, dips, surges or bad harmonics from the power supply. Any one of these could cause damage to equipment causing systems to shut down with the loss of data. No company wants this.

Uninterruptible Power Supply - UPS prevents this disaster from happening.

One call to LASCOM will put you in touch with our engineers who will guide you through the maze to identify the correct UPS for your budget and system. We are also qualified to install and maintain them.


Q: What Does an UPS Do?



In addition, some UPS or UPS/software combinations provide the following functions:





The B400 was developed around the highest level of protection (On-Line Double Conversion) technology whilst maintaining high efficiency and increasing real power output.
The wide input voltage window enables the B400 to handle brownouts, over-voltages and unsteady mains without switching to batteries thereby extending battery service life. The unit can also be supplied with a powerful internal charger for backup times of up to 8 hours with a 6 hour recovery time.

The B400 is genuinely "plug & play" and is delivered ready for immediate use, the product includes a free download of intelligent, user friendly monitoring and shut-down software with USB connection.





The Rotation Series is the ideal power protection solution well suited for Server, Network, EPO's, CCTV, Telecommunications Offering comprehensive functionality the Rotation Series can be adapted for almost any application which includes free standing or rack installations. The power to size ratio of the Rotation Series makes it a great favourite with IT rack builders and designers. Being a fully digitized UPS allows the Rotation Series to react with incredible speed to any threat presented to the load. The Rotation Series will accept a large variation of input voltage and frequency, this high degree of regulation is achieved almost invariably without reference to the batteries thus dramatically increasing their life.